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DEA brings real-world social contributions to the P2E ecosystem

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  • The DEA is primarily active in Southeast Asia and has over 100 players worldwide.

  • DEA aims to grow the ecosystem through partnerships with third-party games, NFT art collections, and Metaverse projects.

  • DEA-eligible artists earn income from royalties

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), the operator of the PlayMining GameFi platform, is co-developing GameFi’s groundbreaking new social good use cases. This is a game that encourages real-world contributions to maintaining shared community infrastructure.

As a P2E platform, players can play fun video games and are rewarded with P2E tokens for inspecting the physical infrastructure of communities that understaffed government utilities cannot patrol on their own.

We spoke with the DEA team to discuss their project, its impact on the Web3 ecosystem, and their plans for expansion to other countries.

question: DEA is primarily active in Southeast Asia. You are based in every country in Southeast Asia, do you have plans to expand to other parts of the continent?


Most of our users are from Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan, but we also have players from over 100 countries around the world, including most of Southeast Asia. We aim to build games with global international appeal, and we want to attract players from all regions and positions.

One of our company’s main goals is to use games to help people. We started in Southeast Asia because GameFi has become very popular in Southeast Asia as a way to earn extra income. We want GameFi to be embraced in other areas with impoverished communities, and grow our community wherever people can derive real-world value from playing our games.

Q: According to your website, DEA is a PlayMining GameFi platform. Is GameFi combined with cryptocurrency mining, or does PlayMining represent something else?


“Mining” in the platform’s “PlayMining” name only refers to the functionality that allows players to earn $DEP tokens by playing games. This is not “mining” in the strictest sense of the word, but it can feel that way to players who receive real cryptocurrency rewards for completing in-game quests.

Although the DEA has its own activities, blockchain and token, will not be involved in mining external cryptocurrencies. DEAPcoin was launched in 2018 with his $30 billion DEP token created on Genesis. We will invest his $20 billion DEP, representing approximately 66% of total tokens, for distribution on the PlayMining platform as ecosystem incentives and rewards for his DeFi services such as playing games and staking. I made the reservation.

Q: Are there specific locations with physical infrastructure that DEA players can inspect? How do you determine which areas require inspection?


Since the TEPCO game is still in the early stages of development, we cannot reveal much information. However, we can say that such locations are determined by his partner Greenway Grid Global (GGG) with whom he works in this game.

According to its website, GGG is a “joint venture established in Singapore with capital from Tokyo Electric Power Company for the purpose of investing and operating overseas power transmission and distribution businesses and next-generation infrastructure businesses, developing new businesses, and cultivating global leaders.” About. …the Asian market is the main target. ”

Q: DEA has over 2.7 million users worldwide. How can I provide more value to existing users and acquire more users?


We are continuously expanding the PlayMining platform by developing new P2E games for our community to enjoy, all of which bring players into the DEAPcoin ecosystem with P2E rewards and an NFT marketplace. We are also actively seeking partnerships with other companies and influencers to build content for PlayMining, such as new third-party games, NFT art collections, metaverse projects, events and promotions.

One of our main goals in our partnership is to be completely transparent and fair. For example, we pay royalties on the PlayMining NFT Marketplace. It’s also much cheaper for game studios to launch on PlayMining than other major distribution platforms like Nintendo. Or PlayStation takes a whopping 30% of the profits. We have built a great platform for our partners as well as our community of 2.7 million users to ensure the sustainability of PlayMining.

Another way to bring more value to existing users is to buy back DEAPcoin from the market. Over time, this will hopefully stabilize the price of the DEAPcoin token.

We are also always looking for new ways to impact society through GameFi. We believe GameFi has immense potential to create great real value for the world.

Q: DEA supports third party indie game studios. How do we incorporate them and their games into the platform?


We partner with third-party game studios to develop new games on the PlayMining GameFi platform. We are allowing these companies to incorporate his DEAPcoin into their own P2E reward structure, and they can even have their own token economy. It also gives access to sell his NFTs related to the game. Play Mining NFT and PlayMining NFT Premier You can build creative IP on the marketplace and earn royalties on secondary sales of NFTs.

PlayMining offers this support to indie game studios because we know firsthand how competitive the video game industry is. Distributors and other intermediaries typically steal most of the profits, leaving a small game developer with little overhead to build his IP with marketing and supplemental content such as fan art, animation, and other products. increase. And in this industry, if you don’t monetize your IP, it can be difficult to keep your game alive. We aim to change all this by leveling the playing field with a fairer system that does not exploit our partners.

Q: How do Official Brand Artists work? and fan artist Earn money with PlayMining NFT Marketplace?


The DEA will pay royalties to both official artists and fan art creators who sell their NFTs on the PlayMining NFT Marketplace. There are also many of his NFTs on the marketplace that allow players to earn even more of her DEAPcoins on her PlayMining games. For example, there is a collection of ‘Farmland NFTs’, which when used in PlayMining’s coin pusher game ‘Lucky Farmer’ allows a player to triple his Seven ‘Fever Time’ jackpot and other slots in his machine combinations. Increases your odds of winning. Drop $DEP onto the playing field.

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