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DAIS has already raised more than $100,000 in its presale.

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DAIS, a new fashion NFT platform that utilizes AI, has attracted a great deal of attention and investment since its launch on April 11th. DAIS has already raised over $100,000 and investors are rushing to secure tokens for this viral project. The platform offers users the opportunity to earn income by collecting her NFTs and trying on digital fashion. A web3 platform that combines cutting-edge blockchain technology and fashion.

A beta pre-sale of the platform’s DAIS token is currently available at a price of $0.0005. Some experts are modeling a 480% price increase before the final phase begins. The presale will end soon, followed by the IEO.

Investors using promo codes to purchase DAIS tokens during the beta presale grab dice 20 Receive a 20% bonus on tokens. THIS IS A LIMITED OFFER!

Already worth $500 million, the digital fashion industry grew 30% last year and is estimated to reach $4.8 billion by 2031, making it a lucrative market for DAIS to enter. DAIS offers several capabilities that will revolutionize the industry, including AI-powered design, AR, NFTs, Dex exchanges, sustainability, and creator incentives. The platform’s AI-powered design system generates unique and visually appealing fashion designs for different styles and tastes, fostering creativity in fashion design and customization.

Using NFTs on the platform ensures the rarity, uniqueness and value of each digital fashion item, offering collectors and investors an alternative to traditional fashion assets. Additionally, the focus on digital fashion reduces the environmental impact of the fashion industry, making it a greener alternative to traditional fashion consumption.

DAIS is also seeking partnerships with luxury brands to run sponsored NFT fashion events offering NFT merchandise and discounts. These partnerships expand the reach and appeal of digital fashion and provide additional revenue streams for the platform.

DAIS tokens have no vesting period and almost all supply is in the hands of the community, so there is no risk of lag pull or fraud. The platform’s team has developed a robust tokenonomics that inspires investor confidence. 50% of the ~20 billion supply will be available in his four pre-sale rounds, with the final 50% set aside for his future Cex exchange listing, burning, marketing and Dex liquidity. increase.

DAIS is poised to revolutionize the digital fashion industry and change the way we think about fashion and its economic potential.

Beginner’s Guide: How to Buy DAIS

The steps below show beginners how to participate in the DAIS presale.

Step 1 — Download Your Crypto Wallet

Investors will first need to download a crypto wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

They are free and available via a browser extension on your PC or a mobile app.

Step 2 — Buy ​​or Hold ETH

Investors need to keep some Ethereum (ETH) in their cryptocurrency wallet. This is to cover the conversion to DAIS and Ethereum gas (transaction) fees.

ETH can be purchased through a trusted cryptocurrency exchange or broker and simply transferred to your wallet, or transferred directly to your wallet using both MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

You can also buy DAIS using Tether (USDT), but ETH is the easier option for beginners.

Step 3 — Connect to the DAIS Website

Once ETH (or USDT) is held in your wallet, DAIS website then select Connect Wallet!

This will allow you to connect and sign in to your crypto wallet.

Then select the relevant ‘Buy With…’ option and enter the amount of tokens you wish to buy or use (minimum investment $50, no maximum) — after confirmation another window where you have to confirm the ETH gas price is displayed. Leave some to cover it.

Step 4 — Claim DAIS Tokens

After the public pre-sale ends, you will be able to claim your purchased DAIS tokens using our claim page. Billing buttons and updates will be provided with additional instructions prior to billing becoming effective.

visit DAIS Presale

Website: https://dais.network

White paper: https://dais.network/img_data/752797036974.pdf

twitter: https://twitter.com/daisofficial

telegram: https://t.me/daisnetworkofficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daiscoin

Link tree: https://linktr.ee/daisnetwork

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