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D-Central Launches Innovative “Hash No Cash” Promotion Across North America

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Laval, Canada, May 11, 2023, Chainwire

Groundbreaking initiative revolutionizes ASIC repair services and promotes sustainability and decentralization of cryptocurrency mining.

D-Central Technologies Inc., a pioneer in the cryptocurrency mining industry, is pleased to announce the expansion of its revolutionary “Hash No Cash” program to all cryptocurrency miners in North America. This innovative initiative, previously available only to select clients, is now available to miners of all sizes, dramatically changing the landscape of ASIC repair services.

The “Hash No Cash” program enables D-Central to provide quality repair services for mining hardware without cash costs, accepting payment for broken hardware instead. This innovative approach is a testament to D-Central’s commitment to promoting sustainable, accessible and cost-effective solutions for miners.

“In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency mining, the need for efficient and affordable repair services is more important than ever,” said D-Central CEO Jonathan Bertrand. “The ‘Hash No Cash’ program will make it easier for miners to maintain and repair hardware, as well as help fund strategic investments such as new hardware purchases.”

The “Hash No Cash” program also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing e-waste. By repairing and reusing broken hardware, D-Central minimizes the demand for new equipment production, thereby reducing the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining.

Additionally, the program facilitates the decentralization of cryptocurrency mining. By making refurbished hardware affordable and available to retail customers, D-Central is making the power of ASICs more accessible and facilitating wider distribution of mining power.

“D-Central is committed to driving change within the cryptocurrency mining industry,” said Jonathan Bertrand. “Our goal is not just to provide repair services, but to create economically viable, environmentally friendly solutions that help decentralize mining power.”

Miners across North America are invited to take advantage of the “Hash No Cash” program. For more information on the program or to get started, please visit https://d-central.tech/.

About D-Central

D-Central is a leading provider of cryptocurrency mining services, offering a wide range of solutions including ASIC repair services, mining support and extermination services. Since its founding in 2016, D-Central has been committed to providing professional services tailored to the unique needs of the crypto mining industry. With a proven track record of providing quality service and innovative solutions, D-Central continues to shape the future of cryptocurrency mining.


Jonathan Bertrand
D Central Technologies Co., Ltd.
[email protected]

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