• BlackRock CEO Larry Fink believes cryptocurrencies are global assets that can transcend global currencies.
  • Fink did not specifically mention Bitcoin, pointing out that it is prohibited by BlackRock’s spot ETF application.
  • In an interview with CNBC on Friday, Fink noted how gold ETFs have changed the gold investment market.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink shared yet another bullish statement on cryptocurrencies, stating: interview CNBC’s Squawk on the Street on Friday said cryptocurrencies have the ability to transcend all international currencies.

According to BlackRock CEO, who recently commented on Bitcoin’s potential as a digital gold and global investment asset, he echoed that view in his latest remarks. In particular, he pointed to the global demand for cryptocurrencies as an indication of their potential.

Fink talks about the international appeal of ETFs and cryptocurrencies

BlackRock filed for a spot Bitcoin ETF last month and believes it has done everything necessary to get the SEC to approve the first such ETF for the US market, working with Fidelity Investments, Ark Investments and others. ing.

The Recent Outlook for $9 Trillion Asset Manager Crypto Investments and What Entering the Spot ETF Market Means for the Industry as a Whole Still Feels Positive A Month After the First SEC Filing continues to cause

Mr Fink said:

“I We can’t talk about bitcoin because we have SEC filings and it’s been banned, but we can talk about cryptocurrencies in general and what we’ve been doing. We believe we have a responsibility to democratize investment. And we are doing a great job and the role of ETFs in the world is transforming investing.I think we are just the beginning

BlackRock’s chief executive later noted that the ETF industry could grow into a multitrillion-dollar market as the bond market expands. He also highlighted achievements since the debut of gold ETFs 20 years ago, particularly the democratization of gold investment and the reduction of transaction costs for physical gold.

ETFs will likewise democratize the cryptocurrency investment space, Fink opined, adding that BlackRock clients have been constantly asking about the role of cryptocurrencies over the past five years. He said he believes cryptocurrencies are “global assets.”

It has a differentiated value compared to other assets. But more importantly, it is so international that it transcends single currencies and currency valuations.

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