Crypto scammers have earned approximately 3,234 Ethereum (ETH) — worth more than $6 million — in fake airdrops over the past nine months, according to a report by AegisWeb3.

report Indicated Between August and May 2022, scammers defrauded 14,605 ​​people through fake token claim scams. These phishers send unsuspecting users a link requesting an airdrop.

But when these individuals connect their wallets to these sites, their wallets are misused and their funds flow out.

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Source: Aegis Web3

According to AegisWeb3, the most profitable drainer won 1,024 ETH from 1,714 victims, while the most profitable scammer stole 302 ETH from 2,137 addresses.

Blockchain security company Pecshield backed up AegisWeb3 report.

These crooks put their hands to the test with several airdrops of popular crypto projects such as Blur and Arbitrum (ARB). crypto slate Two malicious players reportedly stole over 1 million ARB tokens. At the time, blockchain security firm Certik reported a phishing site promoted by a fake Arbitrum Twitter account.

Meanwhile, the recent surge in meme coins has further allowed some scammers to create fake tokens using the original coin’s name to give the impression of free airdrops.

Report of a scammer Already used An on-chain feature that creates the illusion that PSYOP creator eth_ben is making the meme coin public. However, a closer look at the link reveals that it leads to a phishing website.

according to Aegis Web 3, these scammers display a message to the user that contains words such as “approved”. However, when the user clicks “Approve”, all assets are unknowingly transferred to the phishing contract.

Crypto Scammers tricked over 14,000 people into making $6.4 million in “fake token claims” first appeared on CryptoSlate.

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