Crypto prime brokerage firm Floating Point Group (FPG) lost more than $15 million in cryptocurrency in a cybersecurity incident on June 11, according to a June 14 report. statement.

FPG said it had halted trading, deposit and withdrawal activities in the wake of the incident and sought assistance from law enforcement agencies.

FPG said it immediately locked all third-party accounts and secured all wallets after discovering the attack. The company said the action will continue until it “better understands the scope and circumstances of this incident.”

FPG said:

“We are working with the FBI, Homeland Security, regulators and Chainalysis to understand how this happened and to recover the assets. Due to the ongoing investigation, we are unable to share any details at this time.”

FPG did not disclose which cryptocurrencies were stolen during the incident and did not provide further comment to CryptoSlate’s request at the time of writing.

FPG last year Said Achieved SOC 2 certification after undergoing a series of cybersecurity audits and penetration tests with extensive audits by Prescient Assurance. At the time, the company also said it used the services of blockchain security firm CertiK for a comprehensive cybersecurity audit of its FlowVault platform.

Founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, FPG is reportedly backed by notable investors including Tribe Capital and Coinbase Ventures. woo blockchain.

Company’s website No list of clients is displayed. However, the company says its customers manage more than $50 billion.

FPG is a crypto prime brokerage platform that provides financial institutions access to centralized and decentralized crypto services through Flowvault products.

The article first appeared on CryptoSlate after Crypto prime broker FPG lost over $15 million in a cyberattack, halting trading and withdrawals.

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