Notorious cryptocurrency scammer Monkey Drainer shut down its services on February 28, according to a post on its Telegram channel.

Monkey Drainer says:

“All files, servers and devices associated with Monkey Drainer will be immediately destroyed. Monkey Drainer will not return.”

Scammers said it takes a high degree of dedication to “perform large-scale cybercrime,” and advised young cybercriminals not to “lost themselves in search of easy money.” .

The scammer didn’t give a reason for shutting down the service, but said it was moving to “something better than ever.”

Blockchain security company CertiK report That the crooks started their activities in 2022 and provided phishing kits to other malicious players. CertiK estimates that approximately $13 million worth of digital assets were stolen via this device.

Monkey Drainer takes a 30% commission on all funds stolen from scammers using phishing kits.

Certik reported that imitators have adopted Monkey’s method. Monkey Drainer also recommends Venom Drainer, an alternative “scam-as-a-service” provider.

Meanwhile, Pec Shield report A scammer-linked wallet transferred 200 Ethereum (ETH) (over $300,000) to the mixing protocol Tornado Cash. In his wallet he has a balance of 840 ETH ($1.4 million).

According to ZachXBT, a popular phishing hack involving Monkey Drainer involved stealing 700 Ethereum (ETH) from two individuals. The scammer also stole his NFT worth about 520 ETH, about $824,200, in November 2022.

Crypto-phisher Monkey Drainer’s post shutting down the service first appeared on CryptoSlate.

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