One of the strengths of Web3 technology, and the many projects it spawned, is its ability to create and maintain communities. From friendly and supportive meme coin groups to groups uniting under a radically different vision of the global economy, the benefits of blockchain technology continue to help people connect in entirely new ways. .

One new project all over crypto news to leverage this strength is Metacade, a GameFi project building a huge community hub for games. The report is currently focused on this project’s Play-to-Earn (P2E) Arcade.

The gaming industry is also ripe for disruption, and with Metacade at the center of it all leveraging Web3, it’s no wonder investors are flocking to Metacade’s pre-sale. Due to the ongoing hype, the project continues to be a major topic across private investor groups looking for the best crypto to buy right now.

What is Metacade?

Metacade builds a destination for gamers, enabling gamers to enjoy all the benefits that Decentralized Finance (DeFi) can offer. An extensive reward system allows gamers to earn while enjoying their favorite hobbies in her Metacade P2E arcade. The platform has set itself apart from other his GameFi projects through its extensive library of upcoming games, which, as reported by Crypto News, looks set to take a large chunk of the market.

Metacade white paper It is also highly praised by industry analysts. Of particular note are the careful design decisions regarding rewards and expansion to include non-game activities. Metacade can motivate users to improve their community experience by offering rewards for activities such as interacting with other users and writing game reviews.

How does Metacade work?

The Metacade ecosystem relies on a utility token known as MCADE. This is essential for the platform to work effectively. As the primary currency, this means that MCADE is required for all exchanges of value, such as purchasing merchandise or participating in tournaments. This high level of utility is one reason investors are showing excitement. Because it is clear that when users participate, there will be more pressure to buy MCADE tokens.

The Metacade team has also carefully considered the steps necessary to generate long-term investment returns, one such implementation being a staking option for MCADE holders. Operating the token allows the MCADE holder to earn passive income, further reducing his MCADE supply available on the public market.

This whitepaper includes GameFi’s breakthrough innovations known as Metagrants. The Metagrants program begins with development teams of all sizes submitting new game ideas to the Metacade community. MCADE holders can then vote on projects they deem worthy of funding from the Metacade Treasury.

This is seen as a key step in maximizing the level of user engagement across the platform. It also ensures that the community is at the heart of the platform’s entertainment and a vital driving force for Metacade’s future.

This overarching strategy is why many experts in the crypto news report have declared that Metacade could be one of the best crypto investments seen in a long time. It may also explain the huge success of the presale, which raised $8.3 million in just 14 weeks.

What price can MCADE reach in 2023?

With a number of releases slated for 2023, cryptocurrency news anticipates that the price of MCADE may skyrocket in the short term. Speculation is that MCADE’s price could rise 50x from the end of the presale, and indeed many analysts are weighing whether MCADE will break the $1 barrier by the end of 2020. Year.

Should investors choose Metacade?

Opportunities to invest in projects with such excellent prospects and robust strategies to meet them are rare. The tremendous success of presales to date is strong evidence of the optimism felt throughout the Metacade investment community.

The reality is that Metacade could be an incredible investment, likely to outperform all other projects through 2023, making it one of the best cryptos to buy now. are becoming one. For those who manage to get enough of his MCADE, it could be the ride of a lifetime.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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