Akiba’s Big Dave and guest Hawk Crypto discuss the state of the crypto mining industry in the latest episode of the Gathering of the Gigahash podcast. A variety of topics are covered, including energy and equipment cost challenges, the benefits of supporting networks and diversity, and the importance of hardware and customer service. Here are some key takeaways from the discussion.

Is mining a dying art?

The podcast begins with a question about whether mining is a dying art. Hawk Crypto responds that it has occurred in waves and is not dead. He explains that new projects are popping up all the time and there are always opportunities for mining. The host and guests will then discuss some of the current projects being mined. Flux is a popular choice due to its scalability and services. It also touches on potential uses for NFTs and how to keep important information safe.

Hosting and data center

Hosts and guests discuss pricing structures for hosting cryptocurrency mining rigs. Hawk Crypto only charges for the electricity used and offers discounts for large orders. We also have a system in place to help customers who may not be able to pay their bills. Next, we’re talking about data centers that will offer a variety of services, including game server hosting and cloud infrastructure. Hosts discuss data center power needs, backup plans, and the possibility of using solar power to offset costs.

mistakes and learning

The group reveals their experiences and discusses common mistakes new miners make. Mining is a long-term game, so they advise new miners to humble themselves and listen to those who make mistakes. They also emphasize the importance of supporting the network and believing in the project.The hosts then reveal their plans to set up Bitcoin and Lightning nodes. Lightning Node is a key selling point for our customers. We also talk about the security of the facility and the reputation of her partner, the GPU riser.

Hardware and Customer Service

The discussion emphasizes the importance of understanding the different coins and scripts available for mining and taking precautions such as powering all risers to avoid a close call. They emphasize the importance of customer service and taking care of their customers’ equipment. The host suggests having a full-service data center to help with maintenance and repairs. They charge 14-15 cents for hosting and offer additional services to justify the cost.

Diversification and future

The podcast concludes with a discussion of diversification to de-risk the crypto mining industry. Hosts and guests have touched on the potential impact of the bear market on mining and the potential adoption of blockchain-based infrastructure beyond mining. They highlight the Lightning Network as a revolutionary development that will revolutionize the way credit card transactions are processed. Hawk Crypto mentions on his Twitter his YouTube channel, Hawk Mining Co, which is now his service hosting his ASIC sales, cloud his infrastructure, and also offers other related services. Focus on his Terrahosting IO.

The Lightning Network is hailed as a revolutionary development that will revolutionize the way credit card transactions are processed. The guest also mentions his current focus on his YouTube channel and his Terrahosting IO, a hosting service that offers ASIC sales, cloud his infrastructure, and other related services.

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