Home Analysis Crypto investment products recorded over $50M in outflows – almost all from BTC

Crypto investment products recorded over $50M in outflows – almost all from BTC

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According to CoinShares’ weekly report, the crypto-based investment product market recorded a $53.7 million outflow in the week of May 1-7, with Bitcoin (BTC)-based products accounting for nearly all of it.

BTC and Short BTC-Based Products Recorded a Total Outflow of $54.9 Million, According to CoinShares Report I got it.

Weekly asset flow (Source: CoinShares)
Weekly asset flow (Source: CoinShares)

The week of May 1-7 marked the third consecutive week of outflows in the crypto investment product market.

The market’s last outflow began in February and lasted for six consecutive weeks. The total amount he lost during this period reached $408 million, and since March 6, he has recorded the largest amount in the week of the 12th, he has $225 million.

Flow by asset

BTC and Short-BTC based products were almost entirely responsible for the weekly outflow. Within seven days, BTC lost $31.8 million and BTC short products had $23.1 million in withdrawals.

Flow by Asset (Source: CoinShares)
Flow by Asset (Source: CoinShares)

This is especially rare for short BTC products. Short BTC products recorded inflows almost every week, even when the market was outflowing for six straight weeks. Acknowledging this irregularity, CoinShares’ report states that this is the “largest weekly outflow from his bitcoin on record at US$23 million.”

Aside from BTC, Ethereum (ETH) also ended the week negative with $2.3 million in withdrawals. In return, multi-asset and Solana (SOL)-based products registered inflows worth $100,000 and $3.4 million, respectively, giving an overall market score of -53.7 million.

Flow by country

Looking at asset movements geographically, Germany and Canada come out ahead by recording the most significant outflows of the week. Germany recorded $27.1 million in withdrawals, while Canada recorded $19.6 million outflows. Both countries accounted for 86% of the week’s total outflows.

Exchange country flow (Source: CoinShares)
Exchange country flow (Source: CoinShares)

The United States, Switzerland, and Brazil also contributed to the exit, with outflows of $4.5 million, $3.5 million, and $300,000, respectively. Meanwhile, only her $1.3 million worth of inflows came to the market from Sweden.

Filtering movements based on provider, only the desired investments bring in $1 million in inflows. 3iQ, CoinShares, and ProShares recorded outflows of $19.4 million, $13.4 million, and $5.4 million, respectively.

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