Volume for the Creepz NFT collection has increased 240% in the 24 hours since Creepz creator Overlord announced a partnership with Spotify.

Overload announced New partnership on our Twitter account on February 22nd at 22:00 UTC. The partnership will give Creepz holders access to token-enabled playlists created by the community.

On February 23rd, Creepz NFTs responded to the news with a spike in transaction volume, turnover, and floor price.According to Opensea databooks recorded a 240% increase in the last 24 hours.

Creepz NFT Volume (Source: OpenSea)
Creepz NFT Volume (Source: OpenSea)

Meanwhile, the average price of Creeps NFT increased from 1,8392 Ethereum (ETH) to 11.7811 ETH in 7 hours, a 540% increase. The average price at the time of writing is 10.817 ETH.

The price floor also increased from 1.92 ETH to 2.49 ETH, registering 29.6% growth. At the time of writing, the floorpiece is at 2.1 ETH, which reflects a 9.3% increase.

By Jules

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