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Chiru Labs Brings Line Friends into Web3

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Chiru Labis the company behind the popular NFT collections Azuki and Beanz and has entered into a strategic partnership with digital IP platform IPX (formerly Line Friends). The collaboration is IPX’s first foray into his Web3 space, and the two companies will leverage their expertise to create co-branded content and merchandise for fans and owners. The partnership also features retail sales in the Line Friends store and immersive real world (IRL) activations that combine the worlds of Azuki and Line Friends.

Line Friends is a brand famous for its charming original characters such as Cony the rabbit, Brown the bear, and Sally the chick. The characters were initially created as stickers for users of the LINE messaging app to use in their chats, and have since become an iconic merchandise brand offering clothing, accessories, home goods and toys. In addition, Line Friends has opened retail stores and cafes around the world showcasing iconic characters and themed products.

Chiru Labs has announced that it has entered into a collaboration with IPX via Beanz and Line Friends, potentially expanding the partnership to other intellectual properties in its portfolio. To celebrate the newly formed partnership, a billboard above the LINE Friends store in Times Square, NFT NYC, running from April 12th to April 16th, will showcase the LINE Characters and Beans collaboration. A unique animation is displayed.

How Azuki NFT and LINE Friends are Pioneering the Web3 Space

Known for its Azuki NFT collection, Chiru Labs has generated a trading volume of 470,994 ETH ($887,824,000) since its launch in January 2022. The company is also a pioneer of “physically backed tokens” and he raised $2.5 million through his NFT-backed Golden Skateboards. To celebrate our partnership with IPX, LINE FRIENDS Kigu will be available for BENZ holders. By April 16th, equip Beans with the LINE FRIENDS Kigu and share it on Twitter with the hashtag #BEANZKigu, and owners will receive a unique badge on their collector’s profile.

Chiru Labs CEO and founder Zagabond said the partnership between Beanz and Line Friends is an extraordinary collaboration that combines web2 and Web3 IP. “We are delighted to be working with IPX, a global leader in building innovative character IP brands loved by millions of fans around the world.” Zagabond said in a press release: “IP is evolving and we believe the Web3 community is an integral part of this next wave.”

The collaboration between Azuki and Line Friends, facilitated by Chiru Labs and IPX, is a significant milestone connecting Line’s vast user base with the global Web3 media and character universe. IPX has previously worked with big names such as Samsung, Starbucks, Meta and Vans. This new partnership is another important step in the evolution of the Web3 industry.

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