ChatGPT leverages the Bing API to search data in text-based Internet browsers to guide websites and results.

ChatGPT, one of the most popular artificial intelligence-powered chatbots, is updated with new features that allow it to access information from online sources and communicate with third-party websites via new plugins it was done.

The plugin functionality is currently in limited alpha stage and will be provided to a small group of users before general availability. OpenAI announced on March 23 that users can put themselves on a waiting list to take advantage of ChatGPT Plus’ new features.

Previously, only 11 plugins were provided. These plugins spanned a range, allowing customers to see live sporting event scores and book international flights at the same time. The company also said it is steadily rolling out plugins to evaluate real-world use cases.

According to OpenAI, the best thing about the plugins is that they are hand-picked tools for language models that make security a core virtue, allowing ChatGPT to look up updated information, perform calculations, and use third-party It’s about helping you leverage your use case. There are various websites supported by new plugins, such as e-commerce websites like Shopify, Klarna, Instacart, etc. There are several other travel search engines, such as Expedia and Kayak, that take advantage of this feature.

The plugin also includes the math computer Wolfram for performing calculations and the business messaging application Slack. Other applications include FiscalNote, Milo Family Al, OpenTable, Shop, Speak and Zapier.

Chat GPT leverage Use the Bing API to search data in a text-based internet browser to guide you through websites and results. You can also create information from multiple sources to provide structured support for your responses. In addition, ChatGPT can also cite sources when responding.

OpenAI also revealed that after ChatGPT was first introduced on November 30, it saw increased customer demand and introduced a plugin option.

Michael Hashimoto, founder of software company HashiCorp and one of the first users of the ChatGPT plugin API, said in a Twitter post that it was one of the most “impressive computer applications” he used. I was.

A few weeks ago, OpenAI released the latest version of its AI chatbot called ChatGPT-4. So far, the new model has successfully passed all high school and law school exams at the 90th percentile.

Additionally, on the SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and SAT Math exams taken by U.S. high schools to assess college readiness, GPT-4 passed all at a staggering 93rd and 89th percentiles, respectively. is ready.


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