• Chancer Raises $421,400 in Two Weeks

  • P2P model for token betting attracts investors

  • Subsequent pre-sales stage and post-listing increases the value of Chancer

Blockchain is revolutionizing traditional fields in a positive way, the latest being gambling. Chancer is a key project in this change, focusing on new ways for investors to participate in and earn money from betting. Chancer’s main innovative feature is his peer-to-peer betting that allows investors to make predictions on markets they create themselves. Investors showed enthusiasm for the project and in the first phase of the project he purchased his Chancer tokens worth over $421,400. advance sale Opened 2 weeks ago. The success of the presale highlights the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies as Mastercard considers a multi-token network (MTN).

Mastercard makes digital transactions secure and interoperable with MTNs.

Payments giant Mastercard wants to enhance the security, interoperability and scalability of digital transactions with its Multi-Token Network (MTN) product.company To tell MTN enables efficient and cost-effective payments using digital assets.

MTN is also expected to strengthen identity management and authority through its blockchain network and build trustworthy business interactions. Using a digital ID also helps combat fraud, which is common in card-related transactions.

Mastercard’s new product underscores that big players are entering the space and building the necessary credibility. For a global payment network like Mastercard, this means that the project will increase the visibility of digital assets and enable the success of new ones.

Peer-to-peer betting with Chancer. what is that?

Peer-to-Peer (P2P), as the name suggests, is a betting model that allows for relationships between users. Chancer is her peer-to-peer betting pioneer that allows users to build betting markets through a secure decentralized system. Users can decide which products, events or situations they want to bet on and invite other people (peers) to the betting market.

Chancer has an advantage over traditional betting markets in that investors are not restricted to the odds and rules that are prevalent on betting platforms. They play according to their own rules and odds through Chancer.

With the ability to create betting markets out of just about anything, Chancer brings fun to betting and flexibility for investors. It also creates an unlimited betting market through the P2P model, thus increasing the income opportunities for investors.

What is Chancer’s value proposition?

The value of Chancer is that it allows investors to create a betting market and earn rewards when they successfully compete against their peers. Investors can bet on events ranging from football to politics to elections. But of course, Chancer is built around investing, not gambling.

One way to unlock value through Chancer is by creating a prediction market. Investors receive compensation for their market-shaping activities. This means that investors will be rewarded for their interest and expertise by participating in her Chancer project.

The second way is to stake $CHANCER. Investors will be able to stake their tokens for yield, thus freeing up liquidity and driving the growth of the platform. Other earning methods include token rewards for promoting Chancer to others.

Is Chancer an ideal investment?

If you are looking for a project with significant growth potential, Chancer could be an ideal investment. The betting market is growing rapidly and Chancer’s entry gives investors more room to do things differently.

Along with the ability to earn money through P2P betting, Chancer is an ideal offering for investors who feel locked out of traditional markets.

The growth of the Chancer platform can drive an increase in the token’s value, resulting in huge returns for investors. For tokens in novel projects like gambling, $CHANCER price increases can be up to 1,000%.

Does it make sense to buy $CHANCER in the presale?

Newly listed tokens are best purchased during presales. The price level is also low, and if it is listed on the exchange, it can make a big profit.

Chancer’s pre-sale will run in 12 tiers, with each tier being more expensive than the previous one. Therefore, the price is lowest and most attractive in the first tier.

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