• CHANCER’s pre-sale reached $421,000 within days of its launch, demonstrating strong demand among investors.
  • The prediction market platform is set to go live later this year, and experts say it has the potential to transform the global gambling industry.
  • For investors, buying $CHANCER at its current price of $0.01 could be a great opportunity.

Chancer’s pre-sale topped the $420,000 mark, highlighting sentiment across the market as the broader crypto market seeks a foothold amid predictions of a bullish reversal.

More pertinently, the blockchain-based prediction market platform sold out over 42.1 million $CHANCER tokens in just a few days after its recently launched pre-sale event. Can Chancer provide the new opportunities investors are looking for ahead of the next bull cycle?

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Bear markets are for building and investing

It is a great encouragement for the bulls that the Bitcoin price is holding above the $30,000 level and is likely to target the next resistance level of $34,000. The same can be said for Ethereum. Ethereum is approaching the $2,000 level recovery in recent weeks amid a spot ETF-led bullish momentum.

But what is more widely acknowledged is that the market has not completely turned from the bear cycle of 2022. However, this in itself is an opportunity for the project and for most investors, and the bear market is considered time for him to build his BUIDL compared to his HODL in general.

Projects built during market downturns often have plenty of time to focus on product development given the roadmap goals to be achieved. And for investors, bear markets often offer opportunities to buy low and make unexpected gains when the bulls rush in.

Could Chancer be one of your projects as well? It’s very possible that the team is leveraging the pre-stage of the bull market to bring to market a platform that could be disruptive to the industry.

What is Chancer?

chancer is a blockchain-based prediction market platform that aims to become the global destination for decentralized betting.

Leveraging blockchain technology and crypto-tokens will bring the benefits of a true decentralized marketplace, with native $CHANCER holders participating in future development through a governance structure.

The key to how Chancer works is to remove the power of bookmakers. Instead of centralized control over which bookmakers decide which markets and odds to offer to bettors, Chancer hands over that power to $CHANCER holders.

At Chancer, you don’t suffer from the limitations of traditional betting platforms. It’s your game, your rules, your odds.

In other words, participants create their own predictive events, setting probabilities and rules. As a peer-to-peer (P2P) betting platform, you can invite your family and friends. Additionally, there is the ability for users to broadcast their markets to more participants around the world, increasing predictions and winnings.

Why is Chancer worth investing in today?

The global gambling industry is a huge market, Estimate A compound annual growth rate of 10% is expected over the next five years. Adoption of blockchain technology is increasing across the sector and Chancer offers the most innovative platform.

It’s hard to predict that $CHANCER will go to the moon now, but expectations are rising around this project. And with the token price currently at just $0.01, buying now could be your best opportunity to maximize potential gains if fresh market demand jumps above $1 in 2024. .

As mentioned earlier, the general view is that the bull market is gradually picking up pace. If Chancer enters the market through a scheduled exchange listing after the pre-sale and the platform launch goes as expected, it will very likely hit new highs in 2025.

If you buy $CHANCER today, you will lock in 100% profit when the token jumps to $0.021 at the end of the presale later in the quarter.

Can I earn passive income with Chancer?

The opportunity to earn passive income from investing is one of the key features investors look for in $CHANCER. The value of the token is expected to increase as future demand pushes the price higher, and holders can passively earn profits through staking.

You can run validator nodes to support network transaction processing and security and earn rewards from it. The node operator gets her 50% of the reward, and the operator staking on the specific node gets the remaining 50%. Besides staking $CHANCER, users can earn from her Share2Earn program.

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