• Chancer aims to introduce a P2P betting model.

  • Chancer’s pre-sale is accelerating, with over half of the tokens sold in the first phase.

  • This token could reach triple- or even four-digit price appreciation in 2023.

After 2022 and 2023 slump, when will cryptocurrencies resume their bullish trend? Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) thinks 2025 could be the year with a high chance of that happening. Investors are anticipating a bull market in the second half of 2023 and 2024, and while this may feel a bit far off, interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow. Investors are looking to newly launched tokens to combat the bear market. Chancer, a blockchain-based prediction market application, is attracting investors. The investor said he purchased at least $615,560 worth of tokens within a month of launch. advance sale has been released.

CZ Predicts 2025 Bull Market

In a recent AMA Twitter session, CZ said Said His supporters argue that 2025 could be the year that Bitcoin’s bull market is likely to persist. According to CZ, the 2024 Bitcoin halving event is likely to be a bullish trigger.

Binance CEO points out that Bitcoin’s historic bull price move follows a halving cycle. If history were to repeat itself, Bitcoin’s price would be seen as a barometer for other sectors, and 2025 would see a bullish surge in Bitcoin. Notable halving events that pushed the price of Bitcoin up were in 2012 and 2016, and CZ predicts another halving after the 2024 halving event.

CZ’s insights highlight growing speculation that Bitcoin is headed for a bull market after the price recently attempted to break through the $30,000 barrier. Investors expect the bull market to continue in the coming months.

Nonetheless, macroeconomic concerns are still lingering, meaning a potential bull market could occur within a year or more. This may leave investors looking for opportunities in newly launched projects to capture early momentum ahead of the bull market. Mr. Chancer may be benefiting from this sentiment, given how fast advance sales are.

What is Chancer and how does it work?

Chancer is a blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer (P2P) betting platform. As the name suggests, the platform allows users to bet with friends, colleagues and other participants through a custom her market. Chancer works very simply.

Users create P2P markets to predict the outcome of major events, processes, episodes, etc. Unlike traditional betting where betting markets and odds are fixed by the bookmaker, Chancer lets users decide what they want to bet on.

Users also set the odds and rules that guide betting and claiming winnings. All of this will be achieved through a secure decentralized platform powered by Binance Smart Chain.

CHANCER will be the token to run the Chancer project. Users earn CHANCER by making successful predictions, creating a CHANCER market, and sharing the platform with other users. The token is also available for staking, allowing investors to earn passive income by committing their holdings to the growth of the platform.


Chancer is just getting started, and a mega-prediction for 2023 may be too ambitious. However, the project is attracting global interest and could be worth even more.

CHANCER was priced at BUSD 0.01 in the first phase of the presale, so its value could rise by triple digits by the end of 2023. This forecast is based on the fact that CHANCER will start listing in the third quarter of 2023. Uniswap gives you an opportunity to appreciate in value.

The token has risen tenfold since listing, which is also realistic for CHANCER, but such an increase may be limited to 2023. Because product development is still ongoing, significant value increases are possible in 2024.


There is never a better time to buy chancers. Nonetheless, investors are better off buying now when prices are cheaper to increase their risk-to-return ratio. The price of the token will increase in the upcoming presale, so buying now may be the right idea for investors.

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