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The cryptocurrency market has been stable for the last few days, with most coin and token prices staying within certain ranges. Will Bitcoin and the broader market rise in the short term, or will the market face a pullback?

Bitcoin Holds Price Above $30,000

Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization, continues to trade just above $30,000. BTC has been trading within that range for the past three weeks.

At the time of press Bitcoin price It has fallen less than 1% over the last 24 hours to $30,468.

The performance comes after June’s consumer price index rose 0.2%, up 3% year-on-year. U.S. inflation rose 0.2% last month, but was below expectations as consumers took a break from price hikes, data showed.

What is Chancer?

The cryptocurrency market has performed excellently so far this year, despite the price drop earlier today. Bitcoin is up nearly 50% year-to-date, outperforming other major global asset classes.

With the market in a positive mood, investors may be considering entering new projects. One of his projects to consider is Chancer. chancer is a proprietary Web3 peer-to-peer (P2P) custom betting platform designed to allow users to live stream betting events.

Chancer differentiates itself from other betting platforms by adopting a decentralized method of operation. Chancer allows users to bet on a wide range of events beyond traditional sports and casino betting.

At this time, the project is still in the first phase of pre-sale and is aiming to raise $1 million. Chancer’s developer will use the funds to build his P2P betting platform.

At Chancer, players can enjoy great features such as real-time betting markets based on user interests, social media connections and expertise.

With Chancer, users no longer face the challenges associated with using bookmakers. The platform will allow users to set up custom P2P betting marketplaces.

Perhaps Chancer’s biggest selling point is that it allows users to bet on a wide range of things beyond the sports and casino bets found on traditional betting platforms.

Sports and casino bets are also available, but Chancer users can participate in any event they wish, whether mainstream or special.Events are irrelevant, users can bet on events on the platform

Chancer’s presale is over 70% complete

Chancer’s Stage 1 pre-sale could be completed soon as the team has raised over 70% of the required funding. at this point chancer has raised over $700,000, accounting for over 70% of the funding needed in Phase 1.

The development team has allocated funds for the development of a set of products. The team will run 12 pre-sale events with a goal of $15 million.

The Chancer ecosystem will be powered by its native token, CHANCER. CHANCER will be priced at 0.01 BUSD per token, but the price may increase once the token is launched on cryptocurrency exchanges.

CHANCER powers a range of activities on our betting platform. Token holders are allowed to create markets and invest in markets created by other users.

Additionally, holding CHANCER allows users to create, participate in, and profit from their own prediction markets.

The pre-sale is open to everyone and Chancer supports a wide range of wallets including Trust Wallet, MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet and Rainbow.

Visit Chancer’s website To get more information about the presale,

Should I invest in Chancer now?

The cryptocurrency market has been stagnant for the past week, with the prices of Bitcoin and other major coins and tokens confined within a certain price range. However, Bitcoin is up nearly 50% since the beginning of the year.

Bitcoin’s value is likely to increase in the medium to long term as more retail and institutional investors enter the market.

Investors will look to new projects with strong fundamentals. chancer It could be one of the tokens to consider.

As a decentralized betting platform, Chancer could be widely adopted in the Web3 ecosystem and elsewhere. Chancer is still in the pre-sale stage and could offer significant value to investors in the long term.

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