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CertiK freezes $160k from stolen Merlin DEX funds

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Blockchain security firm CertiK says it has successfully frozen $1.8 million to $160,000 stolen by rogue developers of Merlin DEX.

Twitter on May 4th thread, CertiK reiterated that Merlin was yanked by an insider. Efforts to work with other team members on the project have proven futile, according to the company.

CertiK said this lack of cooperation affected its efforts to help victims of the exploit. However, it says it is working with law enforcement to catch the hackers.

A smart contract auditor added that it has put $2 million into the fight against exit fraud.

On April 25th, a zkSync-based decentralized exchange was exploited just days after going public. At the time, CertiK noted in its audit that the project had a “concentration risk.”

In a recent statement, CertiK admitted that it did not do enough to properly highlight this risk. it wrote:

“While the report pointed out the risks of centralization, the impact of these findings was not as clear as it should have been. had to be emphasized.”

To prevent a recurrence, it says it “prioritizes concentration risks in audit summaries so that users have a complete picture of potential risks.”

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