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Celsius to repay users; SEC may apply custody rules to crypto

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The biggest news for the Cryptoverse on February 15th was Celsius announcing plans to start paying out eligible users. Elsewhere, the SEC is proposing to extend federal custody regulations to the crypto sector. Additionally, Charles Hoskinson explained staking regulations, and finally, someone uploaded a fart record to his Ordinal Network in Bitcoin.

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Celsius prepares to resume partial withdrawals for eligible users

Bankrupt crypto lender Celsius will notify eligible users on how to start withdrawing assets in certain custody accounts, the company announced on Feb. 15.

Celsius gives the list of entitled users to its Delivery schedule According to, we will send you an email and an in-app notification of the next steps. announcement. However, Celsius has yet to set a date to resume withdrawals. Withdrawals will only resume for US-based customers, but international users will have to wait for further court orders.

SEC Proposes Include Cryptocurrencies in Federal Custody Regulations

According to CNBC News, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler has proposed expanding federal custody requirements to include cryptocurrencies.

The expansion will require cryptocurrency exchanges to undergo a stricter registration process to be considered custodians and segregate user assets from company holdings, CNBC report.

Gensler said: Nor should you operate a broker-dealer, hedge fund or exchange. There are no hedge funds on the New York Stock Exchange either, they trade against clients. “

Federal custody regulations currently include assets such as funds and securities held by investment advisors. Current settings require investment advisors to keep securities and funds belonging to their clients in federally or state accredited banks.

Hoskinson: SEC Justified Kraken Staking Concerns

Input Output (IO) CEO Charles Hoskinson has argued that the SEC was right to pursue Kraken regarding its staking program.

inside live stream On the Feb. 14 broadcast, Hoskinson detailed SEC-Kraken’s enforcement actions.Notifying him of his comments is the actual Complaint filed in the district court by the regulator.

Based on his interpretation of the document, he understood that regulators had no problem with staking. However, this is not the case for our in-house exchange staking program.

FTX reportedly in talks to recoup its $400 million investment in Modulo Capital

FTX management, led by John Ray III, is reportedly in talks with Modulo Capital founders to recover about $400 million invested in hedge funds by Sam Bankman-Fried.

Modulo Capital is a Bahamas-based hedge fund founded by former Jane Street traders Xiaoyun Zhang and Duncan Rheingans-Yoo. SBF reportedly invested around $400 million just before his empire collapsed.

After FTX filed for bankruptcy in November 2022, SBF’s investment in Modulo Capital was converted to cash and held in interest-bearing accounts at JP Morgan, a source close to the company confirmed to the NYT.

The SBF bond signatories have been revealed to be former Stanford University faculty members. FTX Bankruptcy Judge Denies Investigation

Two notable developments regarding bankrupt cryptocurrency company FTX and its former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried occurred in court on February 15th.

Earlier, Judge Lewis Kaplan allowed two individuals who signed Sam Bankman-Fried’s bail bond to be publicly identified during his criminal trial.

court documents today It revealed that The signatories (or guarantors) of these bonds were a senior research scientist and former Stanford Law Dean of Stanford University who signed the $200,000 and $500,000 bonds respectively.

In another FTX bankruptcy proceeding, the judge dominated it No additional independent inquiry was required and the motion to appoint an independent examiner was denied.

PUSH Jumps 41% When Push Protocol (EPNS) Launches on BNB Chain

Push Protocol (formerly EPNS), a blockchain messaging and communication protocol, was launched on BNB Chain on February 15, and its push tokens have surged 41% over the past 24 hours.

The goal is to “expand reach and appeal across an ever more diverse list of ecosystems” following previous launches on Ethereum and Polygon. Harsh Rajat, his leader and founder of the Push Protocol project, said:

Access Protocol Goes Live February 15th, CoinGecko Candies ACS Airdrop Available

Access Protocol, Digital Content Monetization Platform — Employed by crypto content platforms such as The Block, CoinGecko, and CryptoBriefing. Crypto Slate — will be released on February 15th.

next Community AMAs On Twitter, the project will be launched on the Solana blockchain, with native ACS tokens listed on MEXC, Gate.io, Coinbase, and ByBit on February 15th at 5pm UTC.

At launch, ACS inflation will be set at 2%, “slowly scaling to 5% over the next few months.” In the future, the community will control inflation levels. article.

Someone Uploaded A Fart To The Bitcoin Ordinal Network And Apparently Sold It For $280,000

A new ordinal created on the Bitcoin blockchain network, Inscription 2042consists of a one-second audio clip that captures the sound of a wet fart.

Launched in January by software engineer Casey Rodarmor, Ordinals is essentially a protocol that allows data to be stored on Bitcoin’s blockchain network. Consider NFTs.

They’re so new that you can’t even buy them on marketplaces like OpenSea. Storage and transactions require a special Bitcoin Ordinal Wallet, but this hasn’t stopped people from uploading weird and spooky files to the Bitcoin network.

crypto market

Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin (BTC) is up 9.17% to trade at $24,262.10 while Ethereum (ETH) is up. 7.07% $1,666.24.

Biggest Gainers (24 hours)

  • Floki (Floki): 63.86%
  • Conflux Network (CFX): 40.24%
  • Stargate Finance (STG): 23.54%

Biggest Loser (24h)

  • Illusory Knight Metaverse (MV): -7.47%
  • Looks Rare (LOOKS): -4.56%
  • TerraUSD (USTC): -3.25%

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