candy digital — Innovative company revolutionizing fandom through digital ownership — Recently, Palm NFTIt reflects the same goal of transforming the way fans connect across entertainment, sports and the arts.

Over the past two years, Candy Digital has proven to be a culture-defining digital collectibles platform, bringing hundreds of thousands of people into the world of Web3 through its digital memorabilia NFTs. Partnerships with Getty Images, Netflix and MLB have further strengthened our position in the industry. The Palm NFT now serves as another of those guiding lights.

Collaborative innovation to increase fan engagement

Both share a deep passion for innovating fandom through blockchain technology, and the collaboration between Candy Digital and Palm NFT Studio represents a great collaboration to transform digital experiences and build deep communities.

Palm NFT has a significant history as a hub for some of the world’s greatest creators, including DC Comics, Warner Bros., Universal Music Group and Obilum. The platform has minted 1.3 million NFTs, 30+ collections and over 700 million fan profiles. Candy Digital welcomes the pioneering fan engagement platform on-chain and prepares to unlock more of the internet of value to fans, collectors, creators, and more.

By uniting our vision, Candy Digital’s future shines bright, enhancing dynamic and immersive experiences that enthusiasts in many fields have yet to see.

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