UK MP Matt Hancock continues his mission to support blockchain technology through a new NFT collection called “From Ukrain with Love”. crypto slate.

With love from Ukraine

The NFT collection, consisting of pre-war works painted by Ukrainian artist Oleg Mychenko, will go on sale on Monday 27th February at the NFT Gallery in Mayfair, London. Proceeds will go to CARE International UK’s Humanitarian Appeal for Ukraine. The collection From Ukraine With Love was curated by Irina Korobkina, who fled Kiev with her 5-year-old daughter after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Hancock’s involvement stems from having hosted Korobkina in the UK since April 2022. Mychenko continued to paint in Ukraine with “cannonballs raining all around him” until he joined his family in December.

“My husband’s paintings and this NFT collection give hope to my family and my country. Each piece depicts our wonderful Ukrainian nature. It was a beautiful, prosperous and peaceful country until we set it up.”

Matt Hancock defends cryptocurrencies

Regarding the NFT collection, Hancock commented.

“I am extremely proud of Irina and Oleg and honored to support their family with the charity NFT collection.[…] Oleg is an incredibly talented artist and his “From Ukraine, With Love” collection is truly amazing. ”

Hancock has pledged to support the blockchain industry by calling for the UK to become a “crypto hub”. West Suffolk MPs have previously focused on advocating a “growth-maximizing view with much higher future returns” on crypto taxes and regulation.

But the launch of this new NFT collection demonstrates Hancock’s desire to not only champion blockchain as a technology, but to promote its use cases.

Matt Hancock MP NFT
Matt Hancock NFT Press Release

Speaking at Zebu Live in London on September 23, 2022, Mr. Hancock revealed that he does not hold any crypto assets, including Bitcoin. Lawmakers argued that not holding cryptocurrencies personally allowed them to be more objective about the future of cryptocurrencies.

However, this approach is unusual for the industry as a whole, with most influential figures in the cryptocurrency industry personally investing heavily in digital assets.

Hancock has been bullish on blockchain for some time. In 2016, when he was Paymaster General, he said,

“Governments cannot bury their heads in the sand and ignore new technologies as they emerge.[…] That’s partly what happened in the past with governments using the web…we can’t stop and let it happen again. ”

Most of Hancock’s efforts to promote crypto within the UK took place before 2020, but he has re-emerged as the political face of crypto within the UK government in 2022. exterior Approve UK crypto.

The NFT Collection is hosted at Coinbase’s NFT Marketplace It will be released on February 27th.

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