As Blur The NFT Marketplace has a bad reputation and users are now warned to beware of scammers. Since the platform started distributing $BLUR tokens, there has been an increase in fake airdrop websites trying to access wallets and exfiltrate their content.

Season 1 of Blur’s airdrop initiative ended on February 15, and since then scammers have stolen over $300,000 in funds from unsuspecting users. According to data from trust check, Ethereum-based Web3 security extension. All funds were sent to the same address. This allowed the security extension to track the amount stolen, and in total the team identified 24 of his websites involved in fraudulent activity.

Unfortunately, these websites are hidden in plain sight, and users can be directed to malware-infested wallet drain websites using Google’s “blur airdrop”. . Despite ongoing protests against Google running fraudulent ads, not much has been done to remove fraudulent ads from search engine results.

Blur Airdrop Scam Relies on Phishing Sites

Fraud in the cryptocurrency and NFT space is nothing new due to the lack of regulation within the industry. Scammers have sought ways to capitalize on the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens by coming up with all sorts of schemes. Common methods include phishing schemes, bidding scams, pump-and-dump scams, and the presence of counterfeit NFTs.

The numbers involved are mind-boggling. For example, Elliptic, a cryptoanalysis protocol, reports that he had more than $100 million in NFTs stolen in the first half of last year alone.

Scammers were able to steal an average of $300,000 in a single scam, heavily targeting some of the most valuable NFT collections. Unfortunately, one of the victims was his girlfriend, who lost 16 high-quality NFTs worth about $2.1 million at the time.

As with the Blur airdrop scam, phishing sites play the biggest role when targeting unsuspecting NFT holders.

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