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Blur Founder Develops L2 Network ‘Blast’ to Tackle NFT Issues

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Blast, a recently launched Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) network initiated by the founder of Blur, Tieshun Roquerre (aka Pacman), recently raised $20 million to tackle industry issues in the NFT landscape.

Paradigm led the funding round alongside other key investors, including Standard Crypto, owing to supporting Blast’s ambitious purpose: to tackle high transaction costs for digital assets, offer new trading instruments (NFT perps), and provide yield generation.

Despite the network currently being in its early access phase, therefore only operating on an invite-only basis, additionally backing Blast is an extra 23,368 users over the past 24 hours. Already, more than $81 million worth of assets have been deposited and invested on the platform.

An Ambitious NFT-Dedicated Journey

What sets Blast apart from Blur is addressing specific challenges and limitations identified in Blur and the broader NFT realm, as mentioned above. 

One main advantage includes whitelisted users earning yields of 5% on stablecoins and 4% on ETH — despite commonly being 0% on other networks.

‘Blast Points’ and rewards for friend referrals are also poised to become valid following the network’s mainnet launch in February 2024.

Blur and Blast’s Collaborative Efforts

Notably, Blast is designed to support Blur with L2 solutions, creating a symbiotic relationship between both platforms. Stemming from this, on top of securing funding for Blast, Pacman also raised a substantial $40 million to bolster the Blur marketplace. 

Following this tweet, the value of Blur’s native token $BLUR has risen by a whopping 33.98% in the past 24 hours, hitting a price of $0.51, as per CoinMarketCap — a clear indicator of the market’s enthusiastic reception to the potential and advancements of the Blast network.

The synergy between Blur and Blast is intriguingly noteworthy, as Blur plans to test and deploy its L2 apps on Blast, including NFT perps. Both entities are designed to benefit each other mutually, elevating the overall NFT market, experience and worth.

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