This partnership will help ensure data transparency and enable validators and other network participants to make informed decisions.

Friday, July 14th, flare network Formed a strategic partnership with community-managed database platform FlareDashboard.

This collaboration aims to gather important information about the contributors supporting the decentralized operation of the network and to improve transparency within the Flare ecosystem.

The initial focus will be on Flare Time Series Oracle’s (FTSO) data provider, which provides price feed data to the network. Ultimately, this partnership will also include validators and other participants such as validators. state connector Certificate providers enable network participants to make informed decisions.

Flare is a layer 1 blockchain focused on giving developers more information in a decentralized way. Unlike other blockchains, Flare has a built-in protocol that gives developers easy and affordable access to a wide variety of high-quality data. It is designed to process large amounts of information efficiently and inexpensively. Ash W, his CEO and co-founder of FlareDashboard, said of the development:

“We have been an active supporter of the Flare and Songbird ecosystems since their inception, and we take great pride in building FlareDashboard, an independent community platform that connects infrastructure teams and ecosystem participants. The FlareDashboard’s purpose is to facilitate the exchange and verification of valuable information provided by the network’s infrastructure providers, which ecosystem participants can use to support infrastructure teams that add value to the ecosystem. It can be used when delegating.”

Flare aims to build a transparent system

The Flare platform brings together important information such as team details, KYC compliance, operational history, data protection measures, technology configuration, network addresses, and more. This promotes transparency within the system.

All network participants can access this important information through the website Infrastructure providers also have the opportunity to share additional details with the community. Hugo Philion, his CEO and co-founder of Flare Network, said:

“Flare is proud to support community initiatives like the FlareDashboard. It helps me make better decisions.”

Flare Network has so far undertaken major efforts to build a robust blockchain-based decentralized infrastructure. Flare recently entered into a strategic partnership with Ankr, a well-known cloud infrastructure provider in the Web3 industry. This collaboration aims to improve Flare’s remote procedure call (RPC) procedures designed specifically for developers.


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