Very Big Blockchain Tams Roger Baston
  • Roger Baston hopes crypto investors will eventually be rewarded.
  • He is bullish on blockchain, which sits at the heart of the digital economy.
  • Bayston is Head of Digital Assets at Franklin Templeton.

Roger Baston remains constructive on cryptocurrencies despite the US SEC’s recent lawsuit against them. binance and coin base For violations of securities laws.

Roger Baston’s Views on Cryptocurrencies

The head of digital assets at Franklin Templeton Investments believes crypto investors’ patience during the current volatility and uncertainty will ultimately pay off.

Continued innovation will occur in these software protocol development platforms as the regulatory environment unfolds…don’t expect it to end with just Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Franklin Templeton is behind two blockchain investment funds and a consumer app that enables the browsing of tokenized securities and cryptocurrencies.

It also launched OnChain US Government Money Market, a mutual fund registered on two blockchains (Polygon and Stellar).

Blockchain is at the heart of the digital economy

Baston is bullish largely because he sees a big future in the digital and data-driven economy, and blockchain technology is right at the heart of it.

He believes that over time, not only wealth management but also capital markets will transform. Speaking to CNBC this morning, a Franklin Templeton expert also said:

These protocols attempt to address very large TAMs with public database applications that help alleviate the problem of one database not being an exact copy of another.

Also on Monday, top cryptocurrency analyst Rekt Capital said BTC could fall further in the future (read more).

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