President Shares His Views on Bitcoin
  • President Nic Cary is optimistic about Bitcoin.
  • He explained his views in a recent interview with CNBC.
  • Bitcoin is already up more than 60% compared to the beginning of 2023.

Bitcoin is already up more than 60% year-to-date, but the president of says there is still no room for execution.

Bitcoin bull case

Nic Cary believes the recent bank failures bode well for the future prospects of the world’s largest cryptocurrency.and A recent CNBC interviewHe said:

This may be the moment we’ve been waiting for.Battle-tested for the last 3 weeks [BTC]Retail users are starting to get excited again and new institutional customers are knocking on our doors.

He confirmed that retail activity on has surged by about 176% over the past 10 days. Another reason for his optimism is that the central bank has added nearly $400 billion to him. Balance sheet this month.

Why else is he optimistic about BTC?

Rising interest rates are also contributing to the end of the so-called crypto winter, Carey added.

Last week, the US Federal Reserve Board rate of up A further 25 basis points increase despite the ongoing banking crisis.

Ciphers are cyclical. There are usually good years, incredible years, pretty bad years, there are thin years, and the decade is bubbly again.

The total supply of Bitcoin is half Again in April 2024 – the event he expects will also be a positive catalyst for BTC.

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