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BLK DNM Bridging the Physical and Virtual Worlds of Fashion Through Blockchain Innovation

swedish american fashion brand BLK DNM Today we are announcing the first example of connected fashion – clothing that exists both physically and virtually, with each aspect ‘tied together’ by technology. BLK DNM Association Integrate blockchain-powered hardware and software into products.

The BLK DNM Society is built on technology designed by blockchain innovators and owners of the BLK DNM Cromawaygiving each garment a unique and recordable identity in both the physical and virtual worlds, while rewarding ethical behavior and giving the owner brand clout.

  • A blockchain-powered “digital clothing ID” microchip gives each item a unique ID and a record of its history.
  • Chips form the hardware element of the BLK DNM Society, co-launched to reward responsible behavior and ownership.
  • Technology makes its debut in BLK DNM’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection

Hardware: Digital Garment ID

Future BLK DNM garments will be equipped with a “Digital Clothing ID”, an undetectable chip that gives each physical item a unique and recordable ID. Some of the first features of Digital Clothing ID include:

  • Authenticate garments and eliminate fakes and counterfeits
  • Recognize responsible actions such as the purchase of refurbished and second-hand clothing that care for and cherish clothing over the long term.
  • Record the unique history of each piece of clothing (who owned it, where it happened and where it was worn, how it was repaired or modified, etc.), allowing us to add emotional and monetary value to the item over time
  • Works as a digital ticket for event admission
  • BLK DNM Society access and voting rights

BLK DNM Association

The Digital Garment ID is the first hardware element of the parallel launch of the BLK DNM Society. The first example of connected fashion, the BLK DNM Society is a community of BLK DNM owners virtually connected by physical items. Responsible behavior is rewarded and votes are given on key brand decisions based on item ownership. With this, the first fashion in history begins. The process of decentralizing management responsibility for fashion brands.

Each digital clothing ID creates a “digital reflection” of the physical clothing item, a twin in the virtual world in which the physical item’s history and place within the BLK DNM Society are recorded. Digital Reflections can also be worn in the Metaverse, especially for younger generations whose identity in the virtual world is just as important as in the physical world.

Fall/Winter 2023

The Digital Garment ID will be unveiled at the BLK DNM FW event in Paris on June 21st. In this first collection, the chip will be embedded exclusively in leather goods, with subsequent collections introducing more items to his BLK DNM Society through embedded blockchain-enabled hardware.

ChromaWay CEO and co-founder Henrik Hjelte commented: Nothing like this has ever been attempted in the fashion world. After a lot of hard work, we are very excited to see our technology transform one of fashion’s iconic brands into something completely unique. This has the potential to change the way people relate to the clothes they wear and the brands they buy. Our relationship with our customers does not end at checkout. And each beautiful garment is now part of a living and evolving history. ”

BLK DNM CEO Toni Collin and ChromaWay CEO and Co-Founder Henrik Hjelte

BLK DNM CEO Toni Collin said: “BLK DNM’s philosophy is one of community, and our garments are designed to be treasured and passed down through generations, both through their craftsmanship and timeless aesthetics. It is the antithesis of irresponsible fast fashion.” Now, with the introduction of the BLK DNM Society and the first hardware built into our garments, we take these two pillars to a revolutionary new level. By embedding intelligence into every item, we hope to inspire the industry to join us in leveraging connected fashion to achieve better results. ”


BLK DNM is a Swedish-American fashion brand specializing in timeless tailoring, leather and denim of exceptional quality. After relaunching in 2023 as an entry-level luxury fashion house under the helm of new Creative Director Jesse Huebeling, BLK DNM focuses on both timeless craftsmanship and timeless beauty, ensuring that customers We encourage you to love and cherish each item for decades and generations.

About Cromaway

ChromaWay is an industry leader in blockchain technology, specializing in creating and deploying cutting-edge, scalable blockchain solutions for both businesses and governments. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, the company has been at the forefront of accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology. Its flagship product, the relational blockchain Chromia, enables developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) using a relational database model with unprecedented scalability and flexibility.


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