Noel Acheson The Crypto is Macro Now newsletter threw cold water on the possibility of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approving BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF application, stating that “it just won’t happen.”

The Bitcoin community received the news of the ETF filing largely positively.

for example, Peter McCormack We pondered whether that approval would trigger a bull market.Similarly, co-founder of YellowBlock Teddy Klepp Said, “If approved, expect to see screen-destroying pumps

But others, such as a Twitter account, also expressed caution. consumer research – Make an exception to the company’s parent ESG the meantime Will Clemente BlackRock CEO Larry Fink previously pointed out that he used to refer to Bitcoin as a “money laundering indicator.”

ESG refers to criteria for evaluating environmental, social and governance criteria. Some argue that this is a tool of social control and a fraud, in that high ESG scores do not necessarily equate to responsible business conduct.

SEC track record

Combined with the SEC’s track record in the field of BTC ETF approval and the ongoing US regulatory war on cryptocurrencies, Acheson Bloomberg Analyst Says He’s Not The Only One Who Thinks Spot Bitcoin ETFs Won’t Get Approved Eric Balchunas Assume the probability of that happening is 575 to 1.

Acheson told Cryptoslate that BlackRock knows the application will not be approved, but that it is submitting it to send a political message.

When asked what she meant, the “Crypto is Macro Now” writer replied: Said Mr. Fink is a Democrat and likely a big donor. He is trying to send a “subconscious message” to the White House to reconsider its aggressive regulatory approach to cryptocurrencies.

BlackRock Post, Bitcoin ETF Is “Never Happened,” The Application Is Politically Motivated, Says Noel Acheson First Appeared on CryptoSlate.

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