Jameson Lopp has drawn attention to the scopolamine robbery in Colombia and warned Bitcoiners not to visit the country with private key access.

Co-Founder of Casa Custody Platform Said If the current pattern continues, the country will become the global epicenter of physical attacks against Bitcoin users.

If this trend continues, I expect Colombia to become the biggest hotspot for physical attacks on Bitcoin users due to the prevalence of scopolamine, a drug that makes victims submit. ”

Bitcoiner Saves Coins Even While Taking Drugs

Lopp linked a post archived from r/Columbia A subReddit detailing Bitcoiner accounts on vacation in this country.

The victim explained that he befriended a “taxi driver” who took him to the party. He said that Bitcoiner was unconscious during the party and could not remember what had happened from that point on.

Nonetheless, he remembered giving the taxi driver “a house code and a phone with bitcoin and my code.” A review of camera footage also showed that he was with two prostitutes.

He reported missing $600 in cash stolen from the property and a mobile phone containing a cryptocurrency wallet with an undisclosed balance. However, he thought it appropriate to say that he could not be certain whether the culprit was a taxi driver or a prostitute.

Luckily, the victim had another phone with the same wallet inside. Combined with the perpetrator’s ignorance of cryptocurrencies, he was able to save bitcoin by using his second phone to transfer funds to another address.

“The taxi driver was stupid and didn’t understand cryptocurrencies very well. I was able to get it back.”

Scopolamine – “Devil’s Breath”

In Colombia, scopolamine is colloquially known as “devil’s breath”. Because it steals your soul. The drug is derived from the ‘borrachero’ shrub commonly found in Colombia.

maybe administered By ingestion, such as percutaneously, by breathing through facial sprays, or by food or drink spikes. Once in the system, it induces “zombie-like” effects that manifest as obedience, lack of free will, amnesia, hallucinations, unconsciousness, and even death in sufficient quantity.

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