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As Bitcoin surges to reach new highs in 2023, MX is the top exchange token performer, a A 7-day growth of 32%.

Bitcoin’s price surge above $25,000 has sparked a frenzy of activity in the cryptocurrency market. Trading volumes on the top exchanges increased significantly as investors flocked to take advantage of the price increase.

As one of the major exchanges, MEXC announced a major breakthrough in its futures business, with a 1200% increase in average daily trading volume.

important facts

  1. BTC recently traded around $25,247, up 16.61% in seven days. Bitcoin last traded above $25,000 in June 2022.
  2. Over the past two months, MEXC Coin (MX) has surged, registering an 81.82% gain, reaching a seven-month high of $1.44 on February 16th.
  3. MX is currently trading at $1.21 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,954,282.


  • As of September 2022, MEXC With over 10 million users, the platform’s cryptocurrency liquidity already ranks first in the world. MEXC’s deep liquidity works to support MX tokens, providing investor confidence that positions can be opened and closed without significant impact on market prices.
  • MEXC’s commitment to “user first, MEXC changes for you” is Top 10 Most Popular Cryptocurrency Services by Cloudflare. This ranking is widely considered to be the definitive report card on corporate influence around the world, boosting MEXC’s market awareness and leading to MX’s price surge.
  • The MEXC Launchpad provides an exciting opportunity for MX owners to receive airdrops upon initial listing. Recently, the platform introduced DeHeroGame, a GameFi 2.0 pioneer and latest Launchpad project utilizing NFT TCG technology. This launch created a high demand for MX staking.


“We never stopped focusing on our customers through the ups and downs of the general market,” he said. MEXC“The key to helping our customers is giving them confidence when trading, which is why we have lowered our transaction fees to the lowest in the market.”

MEXC recently announced revisions to trading fees on its platform. The new fee structure includes a 0% maker fee and a 0.03% taker fee for futures trading. The spot maker fee is also 0% and the taker fee is 0.1%.

On average, cryptocurrency trading platforms have a commission rate of 0.02-0.06%. This rate adjustment has made MEXC the lowest trading fee platform across the industry. Undoubtedly, such competitive prices are very attractive to most cryptocurrency users.


PR lead
Antonio Wu
MEXC Global
[email protected]

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