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Bitcoin Cash was the best performing coin among the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap over the past 30 days. Bitcoin Cash rebounded slightly after gaining more than 200%.

Will Bitcoin Cash resume its upward trajectory soon, or will it lose part of its rally in the short term?

Bitcoin Cash rises over 200% in 30 days

Bitcoin Cash has been the best performer among the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap in recent weeks. BCH was trading around $110 at the beginning of June, but by the end of last month, it had risen to the $320s.

Since reaching $320, Bitcoin has rebounded slightly, losing more than 10% of its value during that period. At the time of press bitcoin cash price $283 per coin.

Technical indicators suggest that Bitcoin Cash may embark on a short-term bear market. BCH may withdraw after reaching the zone of extreme greed.

This pullback could test Bitcoin Cash’s next major support at the 25-day moving average of $210. However, if Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market maintain their upward momentum in the short term, Bitcoin Cash could continue its upward trajectory.

What is Chancer?

One of the projects that can record good adoption in the cryptocurrency space is Chancer. chancer is a proprietary Web3 peer-to-peer (P2P) custom betting platform designed to allow users to live stream betting events.

Because Chancer is decentralized, it works differently than other betting platforms. This allows users to bet on numerous events beyond sports and popular events.

Chancer is currently in the pre-sale stage and developers are allocating funds to build a P2P betting platform. The platform allows users to enjoy real-time betting her markets based on user interests, social her media connections and expertise.

According to the white paper, Chancer aims to eliminate the challenges users experience with bookmakers. Chancer allows users to set up their own custom P2P betting markets using a decentralized platform.

One of Chancer’s most important features is that it supports betting well beyond the sports and popular events that users find on centralized betting platforms.

In addition to traditional sports betting activities, users can bet on any event they wish, whether mainstream or special. Regardless of the event, users can bet on Chancer.

Chancer Pre-Sale Exceeds $600,000

chancer will host a total of 12 pre-sale events, with the first one coming to an end soon. The Chancer team has raised over $600,000 of his so far, reaching over 60% of his goal.

Chancer will use this funding to develop a range of products. By the end of the 12 pre-sale events, Chancer expects to raise a total of $15 million.

Currently, CHANCER, the native token of the Chancer ecosystem, is priced at 0.01 BUSD per token.

CHANCER powers a range of activities on the Chancer betting platform. CHANCER token holders can create markets and invest in markets created by other users. In addition to that, this token will allow users to create, participate in and profit from their own prediction market.

Anyone can participate in the pre-sale event, as users only need to connect their wallets to the platform. Supported wallets include Trust Wallet, MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet and Rainbow.

visit Chancer’s website To get more information about the presale,

Should I invest in Chancer now?

Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market have been doing well since the beginning of the year. Recent spot Bitcoin ETF filings by BlackRock, Fidelity and Valkyrie have boosted market optimism.

With more institutional and private investors entering the market, it may be a good time to invest in powerful projects and unlock gems within the Web3 ecosystem.

chancer is one of the projects that could hit the market. With the launch of a decentralized betting platform, Chancer could gain massive adoption in the medium to long term.

The pre-sale is still in its early stages and the price of CHANCER could skyrocket once the token is listed on numerous decentralized and centralized trading platforms.

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