Twitter Spaces Ask Me Anything (AMA) Medium session On March 9, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao discussed a variety of topics, including the impact of artificial intelligence on the cryptocurrency market, and exchanges from mass media FUD to new directions in stablecoins. Addressed ongoing concerns.

Binance’s CEO explained the use of AI in their products, including integrating Chat GPT into Binance Academy and using AI for customer support and compliance tools. He also said that Binance works with multiple stablecoin partners, including his stablecoin provider Euro, but has not signed any exclusive agreements.

Zhao believes that non-fiat backed stablecoins will eventually take over, but people need to understand the risks involved. It said it would be better to develop a project, and the BNB Ecosystem Fund offers small grants for such projects.

How do you see AI applications developing in 2023 when it comes to cryptocurrencies?

As such, Binance uses AI in its products in several areas. That is why our team recently integrated Chat GPT into Binance Academy. That’s why Binance Academy,’s free educational platform, explains all that matters. You can interact with the AI, ask it anything and it will try to respond to you. Before that, I used AI for my customer support desk. More recently, AI has been applied alongside compliance tools.

Does Binance work with Euro stablecoin providers?

We have always worked with multiple stable coin partners, and USD is one of the partners we wanted to provide our branding support. Binance is by no means exclusive, only one partner and never enters into exclusive agreements. So I think it’s beneficial to see stablecoins being promoted more and more. I believe that stablecoins backed by fiat currency will continue to exist for a long time to come. Algorithmic stablecoins have different risk characteristics. People need to understand those risks. In the long term, I think stablecoins that are not backed by fiat currency will become mainstream. I think Dogwon was right. He just didn’t do well and wasn’t transparent enough about the risks involved with algorithmic stablecoins.

Stablecoins on the Inflation Curve

There are certain advanced methods of trading based on inflation bond curves that give you an accurate picture of the inflation rate of the underlying asset.Adding a stablecoin on top of it will peg that stablecoin to the inflation rate […] On top of that, there are many interesting innovations and discussions going on.

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Can Binance do more to support BNB’s educational development?

I am not deeply involved in the development of BNB.As for multiple BNB chains, there are different teams working on it and different projects within the ecosystem […] As a decentralized ecosystem, I think it’s better for the community to know what they’ve developed. […] There is a BNB ecosystem of sorts, a BNB ecosystem fund managed by a BNB foundation or team. As such, they make relatively independent decisions about which projects to fund. Grants are usually very small. Around $50,000, but sometimes as high as $250,000. “

CZ Doubles Commitment to Voyager Contract

We are still committed to Voyager and are very committed to helping our users by joining the trade.

However, CZ also reveals that Binance has scaled back some commitments, citing a more negative industry view of the U.S. regarding regulatory clarity and adoption stance.

“This year’s America doesn’t look good.”

On the other hand, CZ said places like France, Dubai, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi are very crypto-friendly.

Recent WSJ article “FUD”

CZ hinted at explosive recent Wall Street Journal article There has been a new revelation, including a leaked Telegram message from the CEO of Binance, claiming that Binance and Binance US are more intertwined than previously thought.

In response, CZ tweeted “4” last week. This is in reference to a previous tweet reminding his 8.2 million followers to “FUD, fake he ignores news, attacks, etc.”

4 quickly became a meme on cryptocurrency Twitter, with users uploading pictures of themselves with four fingers up.

TheFUD “gives us more exposure and publicity. Right now, most users are very smart and we really only want smart users on our platform,” CZ said. rice field.

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