Excellent Solana-based NFT RPG fun, auroryannounced a series of amazing updates this summer that will get the polished platform back on track. In the near future, gamers will see projects move cross-chain, work on awesome new art, and game his hub reborn.

Since the NFT market has become a bit volatile, some NFT game companies have perpetually continued to develop. With the hype and cryptocurrency back on the streets, it seems like they are waiting for an opportunity to launch their title. But Aurory isn’t, rain or shine, it continues to struggle on its flagship platform regardless of market conditions or the craziness of cryptocurrency Twitter.

This constant push for innovation and engagement has helped Aurory emerge as a powerhouse in NFT gaming. It is effectively on its own merits, without being supported by the pillars of market volatility. So it’s no surprise that while traditional NFT projects like Azuki are on fire, Aurory has announced a series of great updates.

Aurorie, Traveling Beyond the Familiar Surroundings of Solana

As part of Aurory’s interesting platform enhancements, we’re seeing expansions beyond Solana’s home base. So far, the team has been tight-lipped about the specific networks involved. What we do know, however, is that it will live on the Ethereum virtual machine and will be released sometime in July.

In addition, Aurory also revealed that it crosses the threshold of traditional games by integrating with several legacy Web2 platforms. Effectively, it broadens its scope to cover different aspects of the video game community.

In addition to these major milestones, the Aurory team has announced a major upgrade to the NFT artwork with the option for owners to upgrade their characters. Meanwhile, a new game hub and customization features for “non-Aurorians” are also planned.

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