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The Astar 2.0 vision sets the long-term direction and aligns key pillars of tokenomics, organizational structure and technology to facilitate mass adoption of Web3.

Astar Network, a multi-chain smart contract platform,Aster 2.0 VisionBecause it aims to drive mass adoption of Web3 to billions of users. With increasing developer interest in a base layer that provides scalability, security and interoperability, Astar Network is committed to providing developers with all the tools, resources and support to help build unstoppable dApps. We aim to establish ourselves as the go-to layer 1 blockchain. .

The “Astar 2.0 Vision” sets the long-term direction for the rapidly growing Astar ecosystem. Aligning the network’s tokenomics, organizational structure, and technology pillars to achieve his mission to deliver his Web3 innovations that empower billions of people around the world.

1. Tokenomics

Astar Network will revamp its current tokennomics in line with its long-term vision, and DAO will make Astar sustainable into the future.

The Astar Foundation is building this by working with the community on our forums to gain valuable insights. Her redesigned ASTR token will better serve the needs of network participants, from users and builders to corporate partners. It is essential to ensure a sustainable future of growth and success.

2. Asterlink

Connect the fragmented layers of the blockchain industry. With customizable options and a customized SDK, developers can create unlimited solutions. Astar Link enables diverse use cases from gaming to enterprise that are only possible by linking different ecosystems together.

3. Organizations that support the Aster Network

  1. Startale Labs – An enterprise division that enables users and businesses to take advantage of blockchain in Japan. Startale focuses on Web3 infrastructure and aims to build innovative products that enable widespread adoption of Web3 technologies.
  2. Astar Foundation – Currently the primary contributor and maintainer of the Astar Network source code. The Foundation deploys resources to expand the Astar Network through partnerships, community outreach, developer hiring, project funding, and other initiatives.
  3. Forming Astar DAO – Astar is actively working with the community to realize this goal. community forum. By embracing decentralization and delegating governance to the community, DAOs help build unstoppable networks.Anyone, anywhere can use Astar Network to improve their community

4. Creating unstoppable dApps

We improve the developer experience to help build unstoppable dApps using two technology pillars:

  1. Cross-Chain Applications – Astar supports both EVM and WebAssembly (WASM) environments and interoperability between them using Cross-Virtual Machine (XVM). With XVM, smart contracts work seamlessly regardless of blockchain. Astar 2.0 offers more options and is scalable.
  2. DApp Staking – Improved tokennomics will return more value to builders and stakers through dApp staking. Astar’s innovative Build2Earn program allows developers to get paid for the dApps they build through a dApp staking mechanism. This will allow network his users to stake their tokens and support their favorite projects.

5. Supernova: Paving the Way Forward

Actions speak louder than words. Keep an eye out for an update due mid-Q3 that will see Astar deliver on his Web3 promise. Just like a supernova explodes and affects the universe, Astar aims to have the same effect on his Web3 world. Bringing Astar’s technology and vision to the masses.

Interested developers and users should 2.0 Vision here. Additionally, major Japanese companies have shown strong confidence in Astar’s vision and ability to execute. Astar will announce his details in late June and he in July.

Astar Foundation and Startale Labs have worked with many of the world’s leading global players to achieve their 2.0 vision. Japanese giants such as Toyota Motor Corporation and Sony Network Communications are partnering with Astar Network to explore his Web3 opportunities.

Astar Network founder Sota Watanabe said: Each part of Astar 2.0 is shaped and improved, starting with token economics and developer tools, to ensure sustainable long-term growth of the network. ”

Astar Network is Japan’s leading Layer 1 blockchain and has been selected as the most popular blockchain in the country by the Japan Blockchain Association. This is the go-to blockchain for developers and businesses interested in exploring his Web3 space in Japan. Astar is also the first publicly listed blockchain in the country, despite Japan’s strict listing regulations. Astar’s native token ASTR is registered as a cryptocurrency, not a security, by the Japanese government.

About Startale Labs

Startale Labs is a Web3 technology company that develops multi-chain applications and infrastructure. We also conduct research and development and incubation activities based on the experience and personal connections we have cultivated in collaboration with Aster Network. Furthermore, utilizing the strengths of Japan’s most widely recognized public blockchain, a subsidiary, Startale Labs Japan, was established on January 31, 2023 to provide Web3 business development and strategy consulting services to corporations and government agencies.

About Aster Network

Astar is the most popular smart contract platform in Japan, supporting both EVM and WebAssembly (Wasm) environments and interoperability between them using cross-virtual machines. Astar Network is friendly to all kinds of developers and the tools and languages ​​they already know. Backed by Polkadot’s shared security, Astar shines alone within a vibrant and healthy ecosystem, as a leading star across the blockchain industry, driving international corporate adoption and consumer adoption of Web3 technology. Promoting interest.

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