• Astar Foundation and NTT Digital will cooperate in the creation of the Web3 human resource development program.
  • Partners will also undertake initiatives aimed at strengthening network infrastructure.
  • The Aster Foundation and NTT Digital will start collaborating in 2022.

The Astar Foundation, the developer group of multi-chain smart contract platform Astar Network, has announced a strategic partnership with NTT Digital.

Founded by Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo, NTT Digital is a Web3 platform built to provide security and accessibility to businesses and individuals looking to build Web3.

Web3 Human Resources and Technical Infrastructure Support

and press release The partnership, announced by the Astor Foundation on July 11, will focus on advancing the adoption of Web3 through training programs for those seeking career paths in the industry. It says. Partners will also collaborate on efforts to create an enabling environment through technology infrastructure.

The Astor Foundation astor networkMajor contributor and source code maintainer of . According to a press release, the group believes its expertise in blockchain applications could be crucial in its partners’ efforts to develop innovative products that will drive Web3 adoption.

Training programs include initiatives such as skills development programs, and enhancements to our technical infrastructure focus on cybersecurity and fraud prevention.

Sota Watanabe, founder of the Aster Foundation, said in a statement:

We are pleased to partner with NTT Digital, who bring decades of experience in building technology infrastructures that drive adoption and innovation. Together we will enable individuals and businesses to harness the potential of his Web3 to enable a more inclusive and decentralized future.

NTT DoCoMo and Astar launched a partnership last year when the Japanese telecommunications giant pledged $4 billion to accelerate Web3 development in Japan. The company hopes to leverage its subsidiary NTT Digital to achieve this goal, Aster Network wrote.

Earlier this year, Astar Network and Sony Network Communications announced Web3 Incubation Program that ran from mid-March to June.

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