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Artfi attracts 25,000 collectors ahead of official launch

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Art technology firm Artfi has drawn over 25,000 interested collectors with the release of its Genesis Pass Whitelist in anticipation of its official launch.

Genesis Pass NFT holders will gain eligibility to acquire fractionalized art from the Artfi platform. To kick things off, Artfi’s partnership with renowned artist Sacha Jafri means users can access works from his ‘The Six Elements’ collection.

‘The Six Elements’ Art Collection

Jafri partnered with Rolls Royce to craft six distinct paintings featuring Phantom Rolls Royce cars. As a part of his creative process, Sacha Jafri created the six paintings which encompass his Six Elements collection. The artist focused his six creations on the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Wind, and Humanity. Jafri emphasized that Humanity, often overlooked, is the most significant element.

He explained that Artfi’s fractionalized art platform aims to make his art accessible to a broader audience.

“There’s a real chance that one creation, one moment, one part of my soul can now be owned by thousands of people. That’s a beautiful thing.”

Currently, Jafri holds the record for the third most expensive artwork by a living artist. His ‘Journey of Humanity’ piece sold for $62 million in 2021 and stands as the world’s largest canvas.

How Artfi users benefit

Jafri’s venture into the fractionalized collection market aims to demonstrate the platform’s ability to tokenize art and promote broader ownership and liquidity. Consequently, ‘The Six Elements’ collection has been divided into 10,000 fractions for distribution to Genesis Pass holders.

Holders will also be eligible for a free token airdrop and the ability to participate in future fractionalized art sales hosted on the Artfi platform.

While the whitelist remains open, the passes will be available for purchase later this month.

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