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Arcade street fighting game “Battle of Olympus” will be released! First stage of presale You can purchase the in-game currency $GODLY on Arbitrum on Monday, March 27th.

Battle of Olympus Stands alone as one of the few Web3 games. Fully working demo, the update is scheduled for Q2 2023 with an upcoming collection of in-game digital collections. Battle other players and Greek gods in the cyberpunk city of Olympus. Fight your way to the top of Olympus to conquer the metropolis! Play the demo here.

Battle of Olympus is the first flagship game developed by Revenant, a decentralized gaming ecosystem founded in 2022.

Early investors can benefit from acquiring $GODLY tokens at the lowest price. The first tier of the presale will be available at $0.0221 and the price will increase in 4 rounds.

Battle for Olympus Focuses on Gameplay

With a team full of hardcore gamers, the developers of Battle of Olympus understand that long-term success requires engaging gameplay that keeps players occupied for hours. Thus, Battle of Olympus offers a gameplay unlike any other based on Roguelike and RPG elements.

Players earn rewards as they progress, but without sacrificing fun or project sustainability. Battle of Olympus prioritizes gameplay over the potential to deliver an experience reminiscent of classic games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal His Kombat, and many other classic fighting games .

Battle of Olympus employs a reward model to balance financial incentives and player enjoyment to attract and retain players, leading to a more sustainable in-game economy. Simply put, rewards are bonuses rather than the main reason to play.

Battle for Olympus also includes in-game items and fighters that can be crafted as NFTs. Players can own their characters and offer Revenant the option to trade or sell them on his marketplace.

What is the $GODLY token?

$GODLY is the primary ERC-20 token within Battle of Olympus and has several uses that benefit players and investors. They can be used to purchase various items such as loot boxes, consumables, and boosters, as well as wagering in PVP matches.

Play the Battle of Olympus demo

What sets Battle for Olympus apart from most Web3 games is demowill release in 2022, and players will be able to fight for bragging rights over Olympus as either Zeus or Hades.

While many cryptocurrency games don’t deliver in favor of unsustainable toquenomics or over-promising, the Battle of Olympus team prioritizes developing games that create fun experiences. A new PVP demo will be released in his second quarter of 2023, allowing you to test your fighting skills against friends in a cyberpunk metropolis.

Battle of Olympus gameplay

Battle for Olympus has two types of gameplay. His PVE, where the player and his factions occupy the realm of the gods during the season on his map, and his PVP, where the player uses weapons and armor to fight other players.


While playing Battle of Olympus, the player will earn several rewards.

As players progress, they become eligible to drop weapons and armor to upgrade their characters or trade in the Revenant Marketplace. Gamers will also receive tokens for achievements, such as winning tournaments, seasons, climbing leaderboards, and more.

Battle of Olympus Presale and Tokenomics

Battle for Olympus will begin the first phase of its presale on March 27th, with $GODLY tokens priced at $0.0221.

Through three pre-sale rounds, $GODLY rises to a starting price of $0.05.

$GODLY has a total supply of 100 million tokens, of which 16% will be allocated to 3 pre-sale rounds (OG Whitelist, Public Whitelist and Public Sale) and 4% will be allocated to seed investors.

The $GODLY presale includes 4 rounds of investment before going public.

  • seed round
  • OG Whitelist – March 27
  • Public Whitelist – March 29th
  • Public Sale – March 31st

For a detailed breakdown of the tokennomics including funding rounds, vesting periods, etc. click here.

How to buy $GODLY during the presale

$GODLY tokens will be available on March 27th at a dedicated Pre-sale platform.

Players must be on the OG Whitelist or Public Whitelist for the first two rounds of the presale. However, once those rounds are complete, the final public sale of his round will be open to the public on Friday, March 31st. Anyone can purchase $GODLY at a significant discount compared to the exchange price.

Focus on the Battle of Olympus twitter and discord For a complete step-by-step guide on how to purchase $GODLY during the presale, visit.

almost Battle of Olympus

Battle of Olympus is an arcade street fighting game and the first flagship game developed by Revenant, a decentralized gaming ecosystem for gamers, game developers and investors. Battle other players as one of the Greek gods in the cyberpunk city of Olympus.

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