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AI Platform Mindverse Readies Global Beta Launch

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Artificial intelligence (AI), like blockchain technology, has received a lot of attention recently. After all, both are at the forefront of shaping the next generation of innovation. AI creation platform, Mindverse, has emerged as one of the first projects to link these two technologies.To achieve this, it uses that Global closed beta One of the major target industries in the coming weeks is Web3.

Mindverse provides a suite of tools that enable customers to create intelligent virtual presences that can help sell and service their businesses. Starting April 18th and April 21st, these tools will be made available initially to a limited number of users through a series of webinars to test their performance. So journalists, developers, creators, distributors, or enterprise users can sign up for free, get a license, and explore MindOS technologies.

Mindverse is a generative AI company based in Singapore. The platform aims to help users generate content, provide faster and improved service, and convert prospects into customers. Both new and existing his Web3 projects can utilize the platform to design and deploy AI Geniuses that can save time and increase productivity.

Mindverse lets users train intelligent virtual beings

MindOS technology enables users to train AI geniuses or virtual beings by providing industry-specific knowledge supported by customizable Large Language Models (LLMs). This allows them to understand and generate human-like text in response to queries by users of your website or service.

These AI beings can also be deployed as various NFT avatars. metaverse Help users with their queries and provide guidance in their specific virtual world. That said, a common use case for this technology is developing chatbots to streamline service delivery and customer support within a particular platform.

As mentioned earlier, Mindverse isn’t limited to just the Web3 industry. Other sectors that benefit from its intelligent virtual presence include e-commerce and retail, travel and hospitality, gaming, education platforms, and more.

The closed beta launch comes after the platform signed a partnership agreement to deploy customizable chatbots for large beauty and cosmetics e-commerce platforms. In addition to signing several contracts with e-commerce small businesses.

Mindverse co-founder and CEO Fangbo Tao couldn’t contain his excitement at the impending launch. In a press release he said: “We are excited to offer a closed beta of MindOS to our trusted developers, journalists and partners. Our launch webinar will provide an introduction to our core technology, an AMA with the founders, and an opportunity to familiarize yourself with MindOS before the open beta. We will provide participants with a closed beta license of .We welcome feedback from closed beta participants, solve productivity bottlenecks, accelerate conversions, and reduce the drudgery of mundane tasks. We look forward to learning how users can creatively deploy MindOS.”

Users can customize AI presence to their liking

MindOS users can customize the look, personality, knowledge domains, and app integrations of their AI assistant before deploying it. Today, the technology supports 30 languages, has over 1,000 pre-designed AI beings, and he boasts a 97% success rate in delivery.

Incredibly, users can train these AI Geniuses with unclassified data from product documentation, onboarding manuals, or full websites, and then quickly onboard them to We can provide high-quality responses that resonate with the voice of a particular brand.

Mindverse co-founder and COO Kisson Lin is similarly optimistic about the upcoming launch. In her statement she said: “MindOS’ core technology is a fine-tuned and controllable LLM that allows users to balance the need for users to provide true information and match the brand’s voice with the fluent conversations of LLM. MindOS’s AI presence is more easily trained on industry-specific knowledge and company-specific policies.We’re looking for cumbersome LLMs and We see our role as acting as a bridge between the very specific needs of specific industries.The Closed Beta allows insiders in target industries to deploy generative AI to solve problems for small businesses and enterprises. We see it as an opportunity to learn how to solve

Mindverse will begin closed beta on April 18th, with an open beta starting shortly after May.

Learn more about Mindverse >> here

Web3-Focused AI Platform Mindverse Prepares for Global Beta Launch

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