adorable characters of Blancos Block Party Play-to-Earn (P2E) is not the only reason behind the popularity of multiplayer blockchain games (although they are pretty high).

Setting itself apart from its rivals, Blancos Block Party showcases a combination of immersive music, graphics, sound effects, entertainment, and winnable non-fungible tokens, plus a satisfying and collectible aspect. ‘ Competitive side.

Step into what the Blancos is all about. It’s time to unbox the toy and level it up!

The history and mechanics behind the Blancos Block Party

After its release in 2020, Blankos Block Party continues to jump and run to new heights, becoming an innovative multiplayer game that focuses attention on exploration, creativity and virtual currency. And boy, boy, what a great combination!

Created by a competent mastermind mythical games – Engage with the industry veterans behind Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and World of Warcraft – You won’t have to worry about cryptocurrencies as you explore this game on-chain.

Venture-backed next-generation gaming technology companies build on the power of digital ownership to create unprecedented in-game economies, transforming physical and digital assets into digital gold.

With a reputation for excellence, Mythical Games supports all players when playing Blankos Block Party. For once, the rewards aren’t very good to be true.

Journey into the world of the Blancos – what to expect

To truly understand the comings and goings of the Blancos block party, it’s important to note that the Blancos are digital vinyl toys that are NFTs. These digital assets have cutting-edge skills, practice new techniques through solo challenges in Junctions, or compete against players to level up and earn rewards (XP chips, gumballs, party passes, moolah, Can be used to earn Blanco Bucks). , and Blanco NFT). However, it must be unwrapped on the blockchain first!

Players can explore a user-generated experience within the platform, adventuring a variety of activities with friends in racing, shooting, brute force, and vibrate collection game modes. As a result, Blankos Block Party is the ultimate place to hang out with friends online. However, traveling alone can be fun too, if you want to.

On the other side of the controller, Blankos gamers can immerse themselves in building their own game levels and defining their own rules for almost anything they can dream of, without the need for coding skills. Other players can test their own creations and leave ratings according to how much they enjoyed the experience.

Players looking to take on additional challenges and earn additional NFT items can also upgrade to the Blankos Season Pass to unlock a whole new world.

Whether players join the game, create their own adventures, or opt for the Season Pass for additional benefits, the entire experience is delivered through cute playable characters.

Now it’s time to put Blanco characters to the test in a variety of challenges and escape the real world.

Adventure into the anarchic world of the Blancos Block Party

Join us – Blankos Mythical Marketplace

Anyone looking to purchase Blanco should check out the Mythical Marketplace to pick up one of the highly doped in-game NFTs. This is a great way to buy, sell, and trade Blankos NFT characters and in-game accessories (wings, hats, helmets, etc.), see other players’ merchandise, and figure out what their next “must-have” digital asset is. It’s a hub.

Upon purchasing one of these unique NFTs, the digital asset will instantly enter the player’s inventory and be ready to play with the click of a finger.

Gamers can also market some of their prized possessions when they want to keep digital currency in their wallets. The Blancos have no regrets.

Join the Blancos Mythical Marketplace, a one-stop shop for all your Blancos Block Party needs. Then buy, sell, trade, play and party to your heart’s content!

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