Aaron Sage says:Blurring is the worst thing that can happen in this space,” he said in a recent tweet.

writer, who explained He himself said he is “deeply passionate about NFTs, cryptography, and self-development.” blown up The irreplaceable dominate the market on the basis that money isn’t everything.

They brainwashed you with incentives and gave you free money to keep you hooked.

he continued Criticize BLUR’s UI is uninspiring andArt, project descriptions, anything else

moreover, sage I thought it appropriate to mention that unlike competing platform OpenSea, the marketplace is a grassroots initiative and does not support creators.

Closing the thread of tweets, Sage said he doesn’t hate BLUR or its users, and that he longs for the NFT space when it was about “art and culture” instead of money.

“I wish the NFT space would switch lenses on art and culture (even monkey hoots in clubhouses and lazy lions Twitter raids) like they used to.

Blur knocks OpenSea off the top

BLUR has been launched October 2022 Procurement managed with help from Paradigm and ParaFi $11 million In seed funding seven months ago.

By February, the research platform delphi digital BLUR claims to have achieved a 53% market share just a few months after its launch. This is due to several factors such as zero marketplace fees, the option to skip or reduce royalty payments, and fast NFT sweep/swipe (the ability to buy multiple NFTs at once).

Additionally, Delphi Digital said BLUR’s generous token airdrop scheme was a key factor in its soaring market share.

On February 14th, eligible users received a share of 360 million tokens, representing 12% of the supply, earning an average profit of $2,943 per person. forbesThe company recently announced a “Season 2” airdrop, with an additional $300 million to be handed out.

According to the latest numbers from @osf_rekt, BLUR has grown its market share to 55%, approaching double that of the next closest market, OpenSea.

BLUR maintains top position
sauce: @osf_rekt on Twitter.com

OpenSea is not for traders

Which marketplace is better? @GSKrovina The main difference between BLUR and OpenSea is that BLUR is aimed at traders rather than retail users, as evidenced by the list format and sweep/swipe functionality.

Sage criticized BLUR’s UI, while @GSKrobina said it was better suited for traders who “want to move volume”. Additionally, the lack of his OpenSea token natively encourages users to stick with his BLUR, at least in the short term.

“The Blur UX/UI is simply superior to the OS, especially for traders who move volumes.

Similarly, @seelawrie Blur saidSeem[s] to better understand the culture @opensea” and contradicts Sage’s claim that NFTs aren’t all about money.

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